By combining my love of traveling, cycling, and geology I came up with The Great Geology Cycle – 1 bike, 4 countries, and 100 great geosites! From the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, Staffa Island in Scotland, Snowdon the highest mountain in Wales, Hadrian’s Wall in England, and to 96 other sites in between, by bicycle I will be visiting them all! To find out more about the person behind The Great Geology Cycle click here, for more details on the route click here, and the map of where I’ve been so far check here!

For anyone who has been following The Great Geology Cycle on any of the social media feeds, you will notice how we are well behind in our blogging! Please be patient, due to the nature of my trip I have not had enough time to sit down each day and do the required research for each post… Blog posts will come at a later date, feel free to enjoy our pictures and posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in the meantime!

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